Gonzaga Owned

Please note: The following properties are only rented to currently enrolled Gonzaga University students.

Thank you for your interest in a Gonzaga owned off-campus property! Below you will find rentals that are available for the spring 2019 rental term, ending May 31, 2019.
The process for renting is as follows:
-Properties are rented on a first come first serve basis. Inquiries and requests for properties can ONLY be made to offcampushousing@gonzaga.edu. Email requests will be processed in the order they are received.
-Only one person needs to email a request per interested group.
-In your email request, include the names of your roommate group (if interested in something other than a 1 bedroom unit) and up to 3 properties that you or your group are interested in renting.
-The Housing Office will reach out to you when and if we can offer you a property to rent. Students who are offered a rental will have 48 hours from their offer date to come in and sign a rental agreement in the Housing Office, Crosby 201. If the rental agreement is offered to you and not signed within 48 hours, it will be offered to the next interested student(s).